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Register your pictures, video and article on our blockchain, and never worry about losing ownership and ad-revenue again!

Sharing in caring

Regardless of how many times your contents is shared on milio, you will always get part of the ad-revenue you deserve

Give back to your audience

Whenever your audience views ads on milio, they will get a small part of the revenue, encouraging them to watch your ads till the end

What is milio?

Milio is a social media platform, make for content creators. With blockchain-backed content ownership, and fair sharing of ad-revenue, milio makes sure you have the best platform to share your work with your audience.

What makes milio different?

Fair and transparent

Milio is redefining social media, by offering both the content creator and the viewer a chuck of the ad-revenue generated

Blockchain Ownership

Every piece of content you post is registered on our blockchain. This way you will always have the power of 100% ownership over your own content.

Sharing economy of content

Everytime a users shared a piece of content on milio, they will get a small kick-back from the ad-revenue earned by that share, making it more fun for users to share your work.

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